A 10-Point Plan for Careers (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Earning A Large Tip From your table.

Working as a server in a hotel can make you get a good tip daily. However, the job requires a little bit of patience and being humble. Tips can make you go home with a lot of money. Tips can even be more than your weekly wages. You can earn more tips from your table than your colleagues. Attending to dinners well can get you huge tips. The following tips will help you make your clients love you as well as making you the best server thus earning a good tip.

First, you should create an experience. You don’t have to have studied hospitality management to have an experience. You can create your own experience by learning your clients too fast. On your first days of work, don’t be fast in making decisions when talking to your customers. You can earn enough experience from the way your customers react. Your states environment is a factor in gaining experience, trained people will require new experience when they get to a new environment. You can learn the terms used to refer to certain meals, say you are working in a steak house in NY, you should know the different names that refer to different steaks.

The other concept you should posses is being knowledgeable. All areas require one to have knowledge in the jobs done. There’s no way dinners will come to your hotel and request for a meal in your menu and you have no idea of what they are talking about. Know the different areas of the kitchen too. Understanding what happens in the kitchen involves knowing how a meal is prepared. You should also know whether you use a gas cooker or make your steak using a fire grill.

Third, you should be very attentive. Attentions means that you should always monitor your table at a close range. When your table has no customers, keep watching so that they don’t just come and wait for long before someone asks them what they want. You should notice when the menu is not in the table so that customers don’t wait for long to order some food. Clients shouldn’t wait for the menu at the table. Being attentive to them will make you get a huge tip from them. Your generosity and nice service can make them pay you well.

Make sure you set a good pace when attending to your clients. If you study your clients well, you know the pace in which you will use for every case. If dinners come to your hotel, the first sentence they speak should help you know the rate at which you should serve them. Some clients might require one to prepare food to a certain level. These will help you know the speed at which you will talk to them and at which you are going to serve them.