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How to Host your Website from Home

The is great potential of meeting clients online thus the reason why most businesses are acquiring websites as marketing tools for their businesses. As most of the small businesses are acquiring websites they may not have very well equipped information technology departments thus the need to contract an IT firm that can host and maintain their website at a considerable fee. Web stacks used for different platforms are Apache, MySQL and PHP both for Linux and Microsoft Windows. The stack is referred to as WAMP in Windows operating systems and for Linux operating systems it is referred to as LAMP.

The first step in installation of a WAMP software for windows operating system by following the software’s onscreen instructions. Once installation of WAMP in complete a www.directory is created in the local disk and some HTML and PHP file are in the subdirectories. The third step will be to create a HTML page then the next step will be to configure it with MySQL which is found on phpMy Admin. For the page to be accessible publicly you should configure it with Apache the create domain name. To host a website in Linux operating system install a LAMP software when confirm that PHP server is running properly thirdly check on MySQL if it is up and running and if not restart MySQL server. Configure the DNS to a specific IP then configure Apache to a web address.

It is worth mentioning that they are a number of reasons why it is not recommendable to host your website despite having a light touch on how to host you website above. The credibility of your website may rely between hosting you website or not. Hosting a website will require power supply 24/7 throughout the year to ensure that your website in accessible and does not go down. If you happen to host your website it will increase you electricity bill in a big margin and a home generator con not keep up to the task in case there in a major electricity hitch as compared to the expensive stand by generators used by web hosting companies.

It is also prudent to contract a hosting company so as to take up the responsibility of maintenance of software and hardware. Hosting companies have skilled and experienced staff who will manage your website as you are left with enough time to address other responsibilities. Webhosting companies also provide 24 hours on sight support services making it difficult to have an inaccessible website for a long time. Webhosting requires frequent DNS configuration and troubleshooting that may be stressful at time before resolving some anomalies, these can also require a lot of dynamic approaches that you may be limited to as an individual.

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