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The Basics Of Caring For A Lawn

Many people dream of having a lawn that is eye-catching and properly maintained. The grass will look according to the way you have cared for it. You should maintain a healthy and beautiful grass if you intend to have a good lawn that will be an envy of many. Lawn that is well cared for will increase the value of your home. The following basics can be applied to achieve that healthy vibrant grass in your compound. It is crucial to develop a habit of watering your grass regularly. You require to water your grass early in the morning with adequate water. Watering helps in soaking hence the need to water your grass sufficiently. You need to water your grass in regard to the type of weather that is currently.

You need to cut your grass to achieve a particular height. The grass should be trimmed to the right level. The grass cuts should be laid down next to the ever increasing grass to provide nutrients to the growing grass for it to be more vibrant. The lawn should be mowed on a weekly basis. The lawn mower should be adequately cared for to give the desired results once it is used. The knives should be sharpened, and the grass mowed facing the back side. The type of mower used should be chosen according to the lawn that needs to be mowed. If the grass is in a big compound one should use a ride-on mower, and a small lawn should be mowed with a walking mower.

You need to do lawn aeration on your grass using an aerator. The airing should be done by moving the lawn aerator through the grass to pick dirt plugs and grass. The airing contributes in getting better soil compactness and a good root system as well as thatch grass. The lawn aerator helps in caring for the grass and aids in maintaining a healthy grass. The soil plugs pulled by the aerator should be left in the grass to provide essential nutrients to the grass as they decompose. The lawn aeration can be carried out by wearing cleats and walking around.

You need to do lacerating on your lawn. This is the removal of all the dead materials that could be laying on the grass. This can be done by the use of a scarifier that will enable you to reach between the grass blades and get rid of all the decaying matter without damaging the blades of the grass. The living weed should gotten rid together with fungus and any weed before scarifying is carried out on your grass. The ideal time to do this is when the ground is warm and damp. Scarifying is vital because it prevents the decaying debris, and dead materials on the lawn from killing your grass.

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