Canopy Construction Materials and Techniques in Buildings

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A canopy roof is a type of roof that functions as a protector for areas outside the home, such as a courtyard, terrace or garage from rain, hot sun and other extreme weather. You need to know the canopy construction materials and techniques to make the perfect canopy roof.

Canopy Construction Materials and Techniques in Buildings

Canopy Construction Materials and Techniques in Buildings

The design considerations consist of material selection, construction methods, and fixing the canopy. In general, the canopy functions as a cover that is located on the outside of the building. In addition, the canopy also serves a decorative purpose and emphasizes the route or part of the building. So you need to do the materials and techniques correctly.

Canopy Construction Materials

You can build a canopy with many materials depending on the purpose of the building. For outdoor and decorative purposes, canopies can use acrylic, polyester, canvas or vinyl materials. It is a modern and strong material that is non-flammable, durable and you can clean easily.

Meanwhile, when using heavy materials such as glass, tile, and other materials, you need to consider this material specifically because it may need to support the supporting structure as a supporting load for the tile. To make a canopy can be of wood or metal by coating the canopy structure with a covering material.

Canopy Building Method

The canopy roof consists of a frame and a cover plate that serves to cover the area underneath. You need to know about canopy construction materials and techniques before making it. The canopy frame is made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum or mild steel.

Meanwhile, the cover plate is made of various materials, such as glass, fiberglass, or polycarbonate. You can build a canopy through two methods, namely through construction of a gable roof and construction of a flat roof.

For the gable roof construction method will involve the manufacture of the structure independently. Although there are flat roof construction methods, in this method you can make a flat canopy where one metal plate or glass plate acts as a canopy.

Making Canopy Construction

You can build a canopy over a framed structure or attached to a building wall. If the frame is made of wood or metal, depending on the weight, you can use outriggers as additional support. Whichever wall mounting method you use; you can attach individual metal plates or glass plates to the walls of the building using metal structures or cables. For a small canopy, you can directly add the supporting structure when installing the brick frame.


Before the construction of the canopy you need to understand the basics of the canopy well. Because it requires a material review and a good establishment to determine the load. Thus a review of canopy construction materials and techniques. Canopies can function well and can add to the property value of buildings and homes.