Canopy Maintenance Tips and Tricks, You Must Know

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There are lots of canopy maintenance tips and tricks, not just one or two. The canopy of the house is made for the comfort of its inhabitants and can add to the beauty of the house.

The existence of a house canopy can protect from the hot sun and rain. The canopy of the house itself must be made in the right and mature way, both in terms of the selection of materials and the finish you use.

Certainly, in a tropical country like Indonesia, the weather factor is the main cause of corrosion on the canopy frame. Not only that, piled-up trash can also cause rainwater and can accelerate corrosion. The side of the canopy will be easily damaged.

Canopy Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Correct Canopy Maintenance Tips and Tricks

You should know canopy maintenance tips and tricks so you don’t change the canopy frequently. This can help you save your budget too.

So carrying out canopy maintenance will help keep it in better condition in the long term after all, it is constantly exposed to sunlight, dust, dirt, rain, and other elements. For this reason, it is very important to clean it regularly as needed.

Immediately, here are some steps for canopy maintenance:

Using Cloth Protectors

The first step is that you have to use various protective products on the market that you can use. Also, be sure to apply it to a cloth top before attaching it to your gazebo. Using cloth protectors according to the manufacturer’s specifications is very helpful in preserving the canopy.

Crush Before the Storm

The canopy itself is not designed to withstand a large capacity of rain and snow. If the canopy begins to retain too much water, it will sag, which will result in tearing.

If you see that happening even after a light rain, you may need to add some additional growth holes. So that the water can flow better through the canopy. So you don’t have to remove the canopy for light rain.

Keep it in a safe place

When you are done with your canopy for the season or if you expect bad weather with high winds, storms, rain, and snow, you should make sure that you store your canopy properly.

Remove the canopy carefully, clean it before storing it, then fold it and store it in a clean and dry place. The canopy must be completely dry before you store it. Don’t store it if it’s still damp, because it will only cause mold.

Use Vinegar

If the canopy is dirty, you can use a vinegar mixture to try to get the dirt out. Mix a quarter cup of mild detergent with about a cup of vinegar and a gallon of water.

After that, rub the free surface on the dirty area. Then just let it sit for 15 minutes so that it seeps into the cloth. Before you rinse it with a hose. Also make sure the canopy is completely dry, before reassembling.

So those were the correct Canopy maintenance tips and tricks, you should try to apply the method above so that the canopy stays good.