5 Terrace Canopy Design Options for Aesthetic Minimalist Living

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There are various kinds of terrace canopy design for the front of minimalist houses and many material choices. You can adjust the material to your needs and desires. Not only does it have a function as a barrier when it rains or is hot. However, a canopy can also beautify and give the house an aesthetic impression.

Terrace Canopy Design

Terrace Canopy Design for Minimalist Homes

Before you determine the canopy you want to use on your terrace. First, you can find out about the material and canopy design you need. To find inspiration, here is a terrace canopy model that can make your home aesthetic.


If you want a transparent and sweet appearance, then you can make a house canopy using glass. Generally, glass canopies are also used to give a luxurious impression.

In the future, the terrace will be protected from raindrops. However, you need to know that the glass canopy cannot completely block the sun’s rays optimally. What’s more, you must always clean it, if the canopy of the house is dirty it will be very obvious because of its transparent nature.


The next recommendation is to use wood. This simple terrace canopy is suitable for you to use on a terrace specifically for you to use as a place to relax. Using wood is also the right canopy material to create a natural and more relaxed impression.

Usually terraces with wooden canopies are not for placing cars. But it is specifically designed to accommodate sofas and various other features.

Awning Fabric

The reason is that the terrace canopy design of fabric awnings has several advantages over other types. Starting from affordable prices, and easy installation, to more shapes. You only need to consider the minimalist fabric canopy. Not only does it have the main function of being a canopy. However, it has a role in creating an aesthetic home.


You can see the futuristic terrace canopy of the house. The shape of the terrace canopy has a different appearance than other canopies in general. It’s even possible if you have a strong artistic spirit and like abstract art. Then you can put it in a canopy in front of the house as your identity.

Sticking to the Wall

A canopy design that uses pillars attached to the wall could be an option for you to make your house look shady. You can use this type of canopy if the dividing wall of your house is 1 to 2 meters high. Then the pillars will be installed on the part of the wall that is attached to the wall. This will make the appearance of the house look luxurious, elegant, and aesthetic.

These are several terrace canopy design options for your minimalist home. Make sure you make a canopy on the terrace according to your needs and desires. So your residence will look more aesthetic.