Vine Canopy Design that are Beautiful and Pleasing to the Eye

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The vine canopy design is very beautiful. In addition, the vines in the canopy design also give a beautiful impression with the vines. This canopy model is also very suitable for you plant lovers.

The use of canopies at home is now increasingly common. That’s because the canopy style can be made in such a way and according to each taste.

There are many ways to beautify the canopy, one of which is by adding vines around it.

Vine Canopy Design

A Selection of Contemporary Vine Canopy Design

You definitely want to have a fresh and beautiful home. To be able to get that, then you can add some plants around the house.

Not only in a pot, you can also add vines. You can add these vines to the canopy of your house.

The canopy which is an additional roof outside the house must indeed get a little touch. Because, if you leave it plain, it will certainly reduce the attractiveness of the house.

The use of vines on the canopy can make the atmosphere of the house more fresh, beautiful, and also beautiful. You can apply it to the canopy in the yard, garden, or garage.

So, to avoid confusion, here are some inspiring vine canopy designs that you might be able to apply at home.

Canopy Design with Minimalist Vines

It can’t be denied that minimalist designs are becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. This minimalist design is perfect for those of you who are experiencing space constraints.

The combination of green vines with a tall canopy will make the atmosphere more beautiful. This minimalist design will also make the appearance of your home facade more beautiful and shady.

It is better to use an iron frame for the vines that you have at home. In order for the minimalist vine canopy design to be maintained, then make sure you take good care of it.

Do not let the vines get too lush because it will actually cover the original shape of your canopy and make the house look narrower.

Combination with Polycarbonate Roof

You can also use polycarbonate material for the canopy at home. Polycarbonate itself is one of the thermoplastic polymer type materials.

Polycarbonate material has simpler properties in the processing process, simple printing process, and is easily formed in heat so it is widely used in the chemical industry.

This polycarbonate roof also has the advantage of being able to fade sunlight, easy to clean, and also 200 times stronger than glass.

The vine canopy design with a combination of polycarbonate roofs will give a thick shady impression.

There are many types of vines that you can use, such as Lee Kuan Yew, Bridal Tears, or even Clematis. Just adjust the type of plant to your needs and budget.

Canopy Design with Nested Vines

One of the disadvantages of using vines as decoration on the canopy is their fast growth. Vines can grow a lot in a short time.

That will make the vines become dense and lush. If that’s the case, then the canopy will feel cramped and unmanageable.

For those of you who are worried about that and do not like lush plants, then you can design it with nesting.

This means that you can put vines on each pole of the canopy, not directly on the roof. This vine canopy design will help prevent them from becoming overgrown.

This way, sunlight can still penetrate through the gaps in the canopy. To be able to do this, you can use a pot on each pole or corner of the canopy that you want to decorate with plants.

The plants will only grow in that area and not overgrown. However, you still have to take care of them regularly.

The use of vines for the canopy at home can be the best choice to give a natural impression at home. In addition to giving a beautiful impression, the maintenance costs for vines are also still quite affordable.

There are so many types of vines that you can use. Then choose a vine canopy design that suits your taste and home concept.